How the Group Works

The OtherWorlds writing group in Zurich is dedicated to local novelists who are serious about writing and improving their craft. For more details, see the Membership page.

Monthly submissions and meetings

Each month, group members submit a few chapters (ca. 10,000 words) of their work to the group in a shared Google Doc, at least two weeks before the next meeting.

Members critique other members’ submissions by suggesting changes or adding comments to the common Google Doc. Both small edits (identifying typos, adding more expressive words etc.) and higher-level comments (“this is confusing”, or “your character’s actions in this chapter don’t match his personality”) are welcome.

Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings of the whole group, at which we have high-level discussions of the latest submissions, chat about other writing-related topics, and socialize.


As the group grows, members will form interest-related subgroups or Sections, each of about 4 to 6 members. All members of a Section commit to critiquing 2-4 other novels from the same Section, and may critique more novels (e.g. from different Sections) if they so wish.

Beta Reads

By mutual agreement, members will occasionally provide beta reads for other members’ partial or completed novels.