Current Members

Current members of the OtherWorlds group as of July 2015:

  • Gabrielle Mathieu (founder) — The Falcon series: suspense novels with a fantasy element
  • Brad Towers — fast-paced fantasy adventures with a touch of humor
  • Vince Rockston — a heart-searching coming-of-age story of a boy and a hermit on Elba in the 6th century
  • Sabrina H. — urban fantasy, Greek gods and their agents in modern times
  • Caroline S. — literary fiction, latest novel is exploring the life story of a socially awkward man who’s locked up in a mental institution
  • Ella Summers — author of the Sorcery and Science series (fantasy adventure) and the Dragon Born series (urban fantasy)
  • C. S. Wilde — writes about fantastical worlds, love stories larger than life and epic battles
  • Brijesh Luthra — children’s books about a boy and his robot friend who embark on wacky adventures
  • Lily C. Fen — travel tales and contemporary Asian fiction
  • Rob McCormack — Author of a horror story he’s shopping around to various mags; currently finishing a humorous novel.