OtherWorlds is a writing group for novelists. All genres are welcome, as long as at least two existing members are interested in your novel(s) and willing to critique your work.

Requirements for OtherWorlds members

  • Serious about writing: members either have at least one completed first draft of a novel, or are going to move fast towards writing one. They are able to submit 7k-10k words per month to the group for critique on a regular basis. Of course, it’s fine to take a break before submitting your second (or third, or fourth) novel.
  • Serious about reviewing: members commit to critiquing 2-4 novels from start to finish at a fast pace (ca. 10k words per month). If the fall behind occasionally, they will catch up quickly.
  • Provide constructive feedback: members are committed to helping other members improve their writing.
  • Committed to improving their own writing.

Applying for membership

  • Send an intro email and a writing sample (at least 5000 words) to one of the existing members (for example brad at, who will share it with the group.
  • Candidates are accepted as members if at least two existing members are interested in critiquing their work.
  • Ideally new members join one of the interest-related Sections.

Other notes

  • Presence at group meetings: important, but not required. Ideally every member would attend at least half the meetings, and many will attend most of the meetings, but sometimes life gets in the way.
  • Finish what you start: should a member wish to leave, the group would be grateful if they would finish critiquing other members’ current projects.
  • Constructive atmosphere: as a last resort, Section members may remove disagreeable people from the group. We hope to never have to do this.