Other Writing Resources in Zurich

Here are some writing groups and resources in Zurich that Brad is involved with, at least occasionally.

The ZurichWriters group — we meet every 2 weeks, socialize, and critique each other’s work. Unlike OtherWorlds-ZRH, this group is focused on short stories. We usually have up to 2 submissions per meeting, and sometimes we just socialize. Write to Brad [ brad at bradtowers.com ] if you want to know more, or if you are interested in joining.

Zurich Writers Workshop — http://zurichwritersworkshop.com/

The Woolf e-magazine and mailing list — http://thewoolf.org/

Writers on Board — a monthly writing meeting scheduled on a Sunday afternoon, on a boat trip from Zurich to Rapperswil and back. We write on the way there, and socialize and talk about writing on the way back. This is scheduled via a mailing list, and people attend once in a while. New writers are welcome; ask Brad [ brad at bradtowers.com ] to put you in touch with the organizer if you are interested.