Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves

Twenty-three year old Spyros Windrunner calls himself the Prince of Thieves, and he is worthy of the name. Gifted with the magical abilities of Speed, Sight, Power and Healing, he has never been caught. Until now.

His mysterious captor reveals himself as Kantor, a legend among the lawless. This astonishes Spyros, but not as much as being sent on a mission to rescue the royal heir from his foreign enemies and stop a great war before it begins — while Kantor steals the kingdom for himself. And the young woman who’s supposed to help Spyros may become the greatest threat to his mission.

A fantasy adventure set in a world where lies and betrayal abound, Prince of Thieves will be the first novel in a yet-to-be-named trilogy. Its sequel is tentatively called King of Thieves.

Status: outlined, wrote a few early chapters.

Here’s a sample chapter.