Standoff (2)

Standoff (2)

Two weeks later.

Detective Morgan never returned to work. Jackson called his cell the next morning, then went to his home when Morgan didn’t answer — and found nothing. After two weeks of looking for him, we think he’s gone; there’s no other way to explain it.

A great loss for my department. Perhaps that dirtbag Scalzi placed a hit on him.

At least Scalzi didn’t fare much better. The explosion two weeks ago destroyed most of his mansion, and two bodies were found inside. One was his bodyguard, Mancini; the other, presumably, was Scalzi himself, all dressed up in his Armani suit.

His body was badly burned. He seems to have lost some weight, and, curiously, both his hands and his head were missing. Most likely, some other mafia boss wanted to make an example out of him. Why, I do not know.

He’s not the only one who died. We found Barsukov, the Russian, in the river, and one of our informers told us that Kazuo Hashimoto of the Yakuza got killed three days ago, although no one has seen the body. It’s all-out war out there; or perhaps the Black Hunter has stepped up his game.

As for me, I pulled out my men. With all these deaths, being undercover has gotten a lot riskier these days. But at least someone, either the Black Hunter or the bad guys themselves, is doing the jobs my department can’t do.

I guess I’ll just wait until it’s over, and pick up the pieces.


Author’s note:

So, how did the standoff end two weeks ago? Who lived and who died?

Make up your own mind. Then let’s go back to Scalzi’s office and try it out: