Standoff – Ending 1

Standoff – Ending 1

Back in Scalzi’s office.

I pull the trigger and take Parker out just as he takes Scalzi out.

They both fall to the floor, dead, and I’m the only one left standing. Somehow, against all odds, I’m still alive. And, with Parker dead, perhaps my dear Jane can finally rest in peace.

That bastard, he had the nerve to say she’d been the one with the drugs! She’d never have done such a thing. And his so-called suicide, I knew that was off. Ever since I caught his trail two weeks ago, I’ve been looking forward to this.

And now that it’s done, now what?

I have no one. Sally left me twelve years ago, she said I was married to my job. And Jane’s gone too. And I am no longer Sam Morgan, the law-upholding detective; not after I killed a man out of vengeance. That Sam Morgan is gone.

Everything I was, everything I had is gone.

Of course, I could make this look like self-defense. But that would mean betraying everything I ever believed in.

Or I could run. But they’ll catch me, eventually. And they’ll be running after me, when they should be chasing bad guys. Not that I’m not one of the bad guys myself, after this.

It’s better if I just turn myself in; it would save them the effort. Of course, I wouldn’t last long in jail, not with all the misfits I put in there over the years. Then again, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Or, does it?

Perhaps there’s another way. Perhaps some good can still come out of this.

I walk to Parker’s body and lift off his mask. It is indeed him, with his burned face; a demon escaped from the depths of hell.

His lips are twisted in a strange smile. Then again, I knew he’d be the kind of guy who’d stare death in the face and laugh.

I look at the mask again. It doesn’t have to be Parker, does it?

I can no longer be Sam Morgan, the law-upholding detective. And if I turn myself in, I’ll be dead in a month. But there’s a third option.

I place the mask on my face, turn to the right, and see myself in the mirror. I am perhaps an inch shorter than he was, and a bit heavier; but other than that, you couldn’t really tell the difference.

Senior Detective Sam Morgan is gone. He has died here tonight, but I’m the only one who knows it. His body will never be found.

As for me, I am now the Black Hunter — and I will do the jobs my department can’t do.