Standoff – Ending 2

Standoff – Ending 2

Back in Scalzi’s office.

I’ve stared death in the face many times before. Thirteen, to be exact. But this one tops them all.

First, the vigilante came for me; then the cop who killed my brother. And now they both lie dead at my feet.

Of course, I played this perfectly. The masked one got the drop on me, but in only moments I had my Deagle pointed at him; and when the cop came, I played them against each other. After Morgan pointed the gun at him, I knew the Hunter wouldn’t shoot me right away — and then, when I gave them the countdown, I knew the cop would shoot first. Leaving me with enough time to execute him.

He was half turned my way when I pulled the trigger. He was fast, that cop; but not fast enough for Johnny Scalzi.

This almost calls for a nice glass of Chianti. The vigilante and my brother’s killer, both dead in one go. Too bad poor Mancini’s gone too, and can’t enjoy it anymore.

Then again, maybe I can draw even more advantage out of this.

I can deal with the cops; this was clearly self-defense, and I’ve got the best lawyers. But maybe this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. The chance to have the war I’ve always wanted, without my people getting killed in the process.

I go to the Hunter’s corpse, take his mask off, place it on my face, and look at myself in the mirror.

Yes. This is it.

I’ll wait for a few days, until everyone knows that Johnny Scalzi is dead, and that the Black Hunter killed him. Then I’ll go for the Russian, Barsukov; and when that’s done, I’ll take care of Hashimoto. I’ll save Big Bernie for last. And after the Hunter’s killed them all, Johnny Scalzi will come back from the dead and take all their business.

Yes, I can pull this off. It won’t be easy, but then again, I’ve stared death in the face many times before, and lived.

Now, what to do with the bodies?

The detective’s body will have to disappear, of course. The Hunter can take my place, just as I took his; I’ll dress him in my clothes. I’ll have to chop off his hands and his head first, so it’s not easy for the cops to ID him. And Mancini stays here.

As for the house, I’ll miss it — but I’ll just buy another one, when this whole thing is done. And if I get whacked as I go after the others, it won’t matter anymore, will it?

I’ll burn the house to the ground after I’m done with the bodies. Or maybe I’ll blow it up. Then the Black Hunter will do what he was saying before I put a bullet in his brain. He’ll do the jobs that Morgan’s department couldn’t do.

And when they are done, Johnny Scalzi will be the only one left standing, just as he is today.