Standoff – Ending 3

Standoff – Ending 3

Back in Scalzi’s office.

I pull the trigger, and so does Scalzi. We fire in the exact same instant, and Scalzi and Detective Morgan drop to the floor.

I’m sure Scalzi’s dead. Still, I walk over to his body and put a bullet through his right eye, just in case. Then I walk over to Sam Morgan’s body.

I squat down, and there’s no pulse. Detective Morgan, one of New York’s finest, has lost his life today.

First I took his daughter, and now I was a fraction of a second too slow. I could have shot Scalzi first; then Sam would have killed me, and perhaps, in some cosmic way, justice would have been done. Then again, I’m glad I’m alive; perhaps I am a coward after all.

Still, there’s one thing I can do for Sam. I can keep his reputation intact.

If I leave him here, there will be questions. Why did he come for Scalzi without a warrant? Who shot Scalzi after all? Was there another person in the room?

Someone — perhaps his partner — will keep poking at these questions, until one day he will arrive at the answers. And I don’t want that to happen.

In the moment of his death, Sam Morgan was ready to kill. Not in self-defense, and not for justice, but for vengeance. He was ready to betray everything he’d ever believed in. And no one else must know of this.

I’ll make him disappear. I’ll give him a proper burial in the woods, and no one will ever find him. Then I’ll spread the rumor that someone — perhaps Scalzi — has put a hit on him. Perhaps that will be enough.

I consider Scalzi next. He’s dead, with two bullets in his skull. A hit from a rival group, perhaps; but I can make it look worse.

I’ll cut off his head and his hands, and blow up his mansion after removing Sam’s body. That should do it.

As for me, I have a job to do. Many jobs, in fact. The jobs that Sam’s department can’t do. And after tonight, to honor Sam’s memory, I’ll have to step up my game.

First I’ll go for the Russian, Barsukov. Then I’ll be hunting Hashimoto, the Yakuza man. And after that, who knows.