Statues of Teneris

Statues of Teneris

When ancient statues start coming to life, sixteen-year-old Sandro must stop them before they destroy everything he holds dear.

A wizard in training, Sandro witnesses a masked man performing a ritual upon the statue of a mythical beast. The statue comes to life and flies away into the night. Sandro tells his friends and his mentor, but nobody believes him — until the creature starts hurting people. And by then it’s too late.

Sandro performs the same ritual and awakens Galdar, a winged lion who becomes his friend. On the same day, Sandro’s parents are killed and the powerful wizard Franco is hunting him.

Now on the run, Sandro and Galdar must find a way to stop the awakenings and foil the wizard’s plans. They must hurry, for if Franco manages to bring the ancient dragons to life, they will destroy civilization once again.

Statues of Teneris is the first novel in a yet-to-be-named series that has statues of winged lions, griffins, sea monsters, giants, and perhaps dragons coming to life. I expect to write three novels in this series.

Status: outlined, about 15% written.

Here’s a sample chapter.