The Emperor’s Hunt: Overview

The Emperor’s Hunt: Overview

Sixteen warriors and spellcasters are forced to fight each other in a contest to the death, with a whole province as their arena. They are brother and sister, master and student, former lovers, comrades in arms and mortal enemies. And the Emperor’s rules say that only one will be left standing at the end.

Young thief Maevis knows she is the weakest of them all. She is not a strong fighter, and the only spell she knows is useless. Yet she must survive, whatever it takes — or her family will perish.

Bogdan the Unseen is a skilled assassin and a Master of the Blade. He knows he can win the Emperor’s Hunt. But if he plays by the rules he must kill Idrissa, his favorite student — and things get more complicated when Idrissa takes a student of her own.

For Ghaghar the Brute, the Emperor’s contest is an adventure like any other. Against a fine orc warrior like himself, none of those fifteen misfits stands a chance. His enemy Hrodin Orcsbane is in the Hunt as well, and Ghaghar will send him to his death.

The sixteen Hunters start in different cities and track each other with the use of magical maps. They clash in battles of steel and magic, make and break alliances, and try to fight and scheme their way out of the Hunt.

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