The Ethasar Chronicles

Seven kingdoms embroiled in ancient rivalries clash in an all-out war, with the fates of their respective gods hanging in the balance. Each kingdom has four champions, chosen by the gods themselves: kings and queens, high-ranking priests, powerful wizards, and skilled warriors and assassins. If three of a kingdom’s champions perish, so does their god — and the last god standing will rule the world for a thousand years.

The Ethasar Chronicles is a large-scale fantasy Battle Royale that pits chivalrous knights, bloodthirsty vampires, seafaring raiders, desert tribes, fierce giants, rampaging orcs, and an ancient empire against each other. Each faction worships its own god and has various strengths: peerless warriors and assassins, powerful magic, enchanted suits of armor, terrifying cannons that fire exploding shells, and access to visions of other worlds including our own.

They will all fight, and only one god shall prevail. The winner must absorb the others’ divine essence and battle a powerful deity for the fate of the world.

The Ethasar Chronicles features over two dozen point-of-view characters in competing factions, with brief cameos from Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and other distinguished guests.

The first book, War of the Seven, marks the start of the deadly contest. Last of the Gods finishes it, and Quest of the Champions deals with the aftermath.

The series is under development. Book 1 has been completed and I am working on Book 2.

Take a look at the map of Ethasar.