Last of the Gods

The War of the Seven rages on. In the north, Marion and her knights battle Queen Elena’s diminished forces, while most of Elena’s vampire nobles fly to defend their kingdom from the giants’ invasion. In the south, Frida and her Julian allies march against the orcs and the desert men. They clash in great battles and use strategy, magic, brute force, and cunning to destroy the enemy champions while protecting their own.

Champions will fall, as will their gods. And in the end, the last of the gods must defend the world from the Vengeful One, the powerful deity who seeks to destroy it.

Last of the Gods follows the War of the Seven and concludes the great struggle for the fate of the world. Quest of the Champions deals with the aftermath.

This book is currently work-in-progress and will be finished in 2023.

Here’s a draft cover. I am happy to go with the potential publisher’s creative direction for the final art.