War of the Seven (114k words) is a fantasy Battle Royale with a whole world as its arena and the fates of the gods at stake.

As of September 2021, the novel has been completed and revised multiple times. I am working with professional editors to get it ready for publication. In parallel, I am developing the rest of the series.

Here’s a draft cover. I included the book blurb below.

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For centuries, the Lady has guided the Verdant Kingdom to prosperity, under the laws of chivalry. As her realm’s goddess, she is revered by all. But now her people must fight six powerful kingdoms in a war they cannot win, with the fates of the seven gods hanging in the balance. To survive, the Lady has to use glamor and guile, advise her champions wisely, and forge a strong alliance, though she knows it cannot last. 

Queen Elena reigns over the Vampire Kingdom. Her human subjects pay the blood price and obey the vampire nobles, and in return she gives them safety and justice. She marches to war, seeking to crush the Lady and avenge her soulmate’s death. But along the way, she realizes that her noble vampires might truly be the monsters everyone else thinks they are.

The War of the Seven rages across the land. To win it, the Lady and Queen Elena must face seafaring raiders, desert tribes, fierce giants, rampaging orcs, and an ancient empire, as well as each other. Each faction worships its own god and has various strengths: peerless warriors and assassins, powerful magic, enchanted suits of armor, terrifying cannons that fire exploding shells, and access to visions of other worlds including our own.

They will all fight, and only one god shall prevail. The winner must absorb the others’ divine essence and battle a powerful deity for the fate of the world.

The first book in The Ethasar Chronicles, War of the Seven is followed by Last of the Gods (work in progress) and Quest of the Champions (planned).

You can read the first chapter here: War of the Seven – Chapter 1.

Also see The Gods and their Champions to enjoy additional art and learn how drawing the characters has influenced the book.