The Zephyrion cycle

An all-powerful Emperor who has conquered half of the continent of Zephyrion forces sixteen warriors and spellcasters to fight each other in a contest to the death. This triggers a series of events that lead to a war of devastating proportions, and reveal some things about the nature of magic that have long been forgotten, and perhaps should have stayed that way.

The first three novels in the Zephyrion cycle are called  The Emperor’s Hunt, The Silver Prince and The Warrior King. At least three more novels will follow.

Statues of Teneris

Five hundred years ago, men sailed to the island of Teneris. They found the ruins of an ancient people; old towns and cities, imposing stone mansions untouched by time, and statues of mythical creatures. They moved right in, and any questions about the demise of the earlier civilization have long since been forgotten.

Now the statues start coming to life — and young wizard-in-training Sandro must stop them before they destroy everything he holds dear.

Statues of Teneris is the first novel in a yet-to-be-named series that has statues of winged lions, griffins, sea monsters, and perhaps dragons coming to life. I expect to write three novels in this series.

Prince of Thieves

Twenty-three year old Spyros Windrunner calls himself the Prince of Thieves, and he is worthy of the name. Gifted with the magical abilities of Speed, Sight, Power and Healing, he has never been caught. Until now.

His mysterious captor reveals himself as Kantor, a legend among thieves. This astonishes Spyros, but not as much as being sent on a mission to rescue the royal heir from his foreign enemies and stop a great war before it begins — while Kantor steals the kingdom for himself. And the young woman who’s supposed to help Spyros may become the greatest threat to his mission.

A fantasy adventure set in a world where lies and betrayal abound, Prince of Thieves is the first novel in a yet-to-be-named trilogy. Its sequel is tentatively called King of Thieves.