War of the Seven

War of the Seven (epic fantasy, 115k words) is a massive multi-PoV Battle Royale with a whole world as its arena and the fates of the gods at stake.

Here’s a draft cover. I included the book blurb below.

Note for literary agents: the images on this website are helpful for visualizing the book’s characters. I am not “married” to the artwork, and I am happy to go with the publisher’s creative direction.

For centuries, the Lady has guided the Verdant Kingdom to prosperity. As her realm’s goddess, she is revered by all. But now her people must fight six powerful kingdoms in a great war, with the fates of the seven gods hanging in the balance. The last god standing will absorb the others’ powers and battle a vengeful deity who seeks to destroy the world. 

With fierce pirates and bloodthirsty vampires invading her kingdom, the Lady knows she needs allies. She turns to Augustus, the trickster god who rules the empire to the east.

Augustus has challenges of his own. The orcs and the desert men move against his empire. There’s no telling what the giants might do. And, unbeknownst to the Lady, his feelings for her are growing stronger.

The great war rages on. Heroes rise and fall, assassins strike from the shadows, and large armies clash in battles of steel and magic. To win, the Lady and Augustus must fight with everything they have. And after their single night of passion leaves the Lady pregnant with twins, she must fight for them as well.

But only one of the gods can survive, and Augustus has always played to win.

The first book in The Ethasar Chronicles, War of the Seven is followed by Last of the Gods (work in progress) and Quest of the Champions (planned).

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Take a look at the map of Ethasar.

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